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Santa Maze Santa Claus Maze, Merry Christmas from Maze Creator.  Try out this difficult Santa Claus maze.  Great activity!
TrainTrack Station Try this new Train Track Tiler, start and stop are down with a train stations.
TrainTrack Signal Try this new Train Track Tiler, start and stop are down with train signals.
Happy Easter Mazes A group of 12 Easter related mazes ranging in grades from K -> 8, free mazes, great for school. In PDF format and contains the solutions
String Maze New String Tiler style Maze, 5 samples with solution in PDF format
Happy Valentine's Day Happy Valentine's Day!
with solution in PDF format
Christmas Tree PDF 5 Christmas Tree Mazes with solution in PDF format
Circuit 1 - Tiler Example
This is a PDF example Maze/Solution you can print.  This demonstrates the "Circuit 1" tiler type.
Andrews Insurance Circular Maze An example of what can be done with Maze Creator, here is an activity that contain business information.
ThanksGiving Maze Save the turkey from the maze.
United States Flag Here is a great activity for your children on the 4th of July!

A sample maze in the shape of a turkey.  Has the solution with it.

Christmas Tree Maze & Solution.  Also has the template file used to generate it so you can create your own!


Download your free mazes
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Download the Pumpkin  maze.
PDF Format

Try these free puzzles and enjoy. These free mazes have been generated by Maze Creator software.  


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