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Developer's Corner

C++ Code & Help

irrGardener -- the decaff Maze Creation Program

Here is a talented Author, he has written a program in Java to create and print mazes.  Very good quality and feature set.  You can also download his JAVA CODE!


Massive resource for programmers.  C++, JAVA, you name it.

Maze applets, Great site!

Searchable "attic" of source code for nearly any concievable use.

Get a professionally done Sound-Byte for your web site or product.  This site developed the Maze Creator RA clip.

Intel(R) Software Development

Intel development products, some free libraries!

The Code Project

Another good source

Very good source, my first stop for MFC help and ideas

Boost Web Site (Libraries)

C++ Library & FAQ Database search

Open Source Initiative


Just what it says


Information on profiting from the sale of Maze Creator

OpenGL project


GFF Home Page

Help with image formats

The Art of Assembly Language

Assembly Language tutorial in PDF format

Anders Melander's Virtual Home

TGIF and many other links to the web for help

Planet Source Code

Thousands of lines of free source code VD ASP and C++


Still working on it... Email me if you have suggestions...  



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