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Computer aided maze layout package.
Let us help you get lost.

Nov 2006


1. Maze Creator Offers
2. Features explained
3. TILERs?
4. Under Development
5. Other Services
6. 85% off Web Hosting



New versions of Maze Creator are released on 9/30/2006.

FREE:   V 1.90
HOME:  V 1.90
STD:    V 3.50
PRO:    V 1.50

Maze Creator


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Maze Creator Offers

Holiday Offer 20% off

For a limited time, you will save 20% on all Maze Creator Software.  Here is how you do it:

  • Review the Maze Creator website and select the version of Maze Creator software that best suites your needs
  • Enter Shop Maze Creator to add that version to your cart
  • Create and account if needed and check out
  • Enter the offer code OFFER20 during checkout to get your 20% discount

Educational Discounts

Public Libraries

  • Public libraries can get free copies of Maze Creator HOME
  • They also qualify for a 75% discount off of Maze Creator STD
  • Please contact for details

Shelters & Safe-houses

  • Non-profit organizations providing food and shelter for others in their community can get free copies of Maze Creator HOME
  • Hopefully this application can be used to generate some activities for their guests, best wishes...
  • Please contact for details

Maze Creator Home Page

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 Major new features explained...

MZE Ver 2.0: This new version of Maze Creator Save file will allow you to save not only your template (like in the earlier version), but all the text and graphics as well.  This is a major step in moving towards a self contained and highly productive application.  The gallery will now include these graphic and text enhancements.  Don't worry, your old MZE files will remain compatible with this new release.

TILER Gallery: Now you can easily get new TILERs to enhance your creativity.  Check periodically to see if you have all the newly released TILERs.  Contact to add your own theme/custom TILER for others to use.  You will get credit and a link to your site!

Multi-Print/Export: Maze Creator will now creates multiple solutions for the same maze template.  When you Print or Export (PRO version only), you can select the number of unique copies of the maze you would like to produce.  Maze Creator will then do the leg-work for you to create these alternate solutions.  This save you time, yet another productivity tool build into the Maze Creator line.  There is a practical limit of 999 mazes, so if you need a thousand or more, you might need to run it twice.

Maze Creator Version Comparison

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maze tiler, tilers, themed mazes


What is a TILER?  TILERs are a powerful feature of Maze Creator.  Made up of a graphic file (GIF, TIF, BMP) and a descriptor file (.TLE) they are easy to generate.  Tilers allow you to take the power of Maze Creator and apply it into your own design.  These could be pipes for a plumber, roads for a car dealership, rivers for a boating supply company, etc.  You own imagination is the limit.  To the left you can see a circuit board design.

Once you create the TILER, Maze Creator will generate random mazes using your graphics.  You can also provide it to Maze Creator to add to the TILER Gallery which will include a credit and link to your site. (Must be a family safe site as for details.)  Great way to advertise for free!

Generic Gallery (includes Tilers, Templates, & Masks)

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Maze Creator Under Development

Under Development....

Maze Creator development is always looking for your ideas.  We have some we are working on in the background, but would love to hear your ideas.  Please let us know what you would like to see added in the future.

Also, Maze Creator could use your help in future projects to perfect the Maze Creator line.  We are looking for technical writers, educators, graphic artists, various designers.  If you are interested in trading your services for a life-time of gratitude and credit on the world leader in Maze Creation, please contact us at with your skills and we will let you know what we might have available.  Some tasks we can pay a small fee in exchange for services.

Technical Support

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Maze Creator Services, T1, hosting, freemazes, long distance

Other Maze Creator Services

Maze Creator is proud to offer a variety of co-branded services.  We have selected only the best services for our customers.  Please consider using these quality services: Maze Creator Long Distance Services.  Please consider using these services to find your best rate on telecommunication services in your area.  Both business and residential services can be quoted.  Using these services support Free Maze Creator and charitable donations of Maze Creator. A brand new service launched this year.  Meant for the USA, you can obtain a National Broadband service quote.  Enter some basic information and you will get a list of the options in your area.  This service covers residential and commercial services.  If you take advantage of any of these services, please contact as we may extend free products and services as your reward. This is a link list of maze/puzzle sites around the web.  Please use this to add your own favorite links to make it complete and useful to all. Maze Creator Hosting services.  No frills just reliable business class web-site hosting services at an affordable rate.  Please ask us about price matching other services, we would love to help all get a better, more reliable hosting service.

Buy Maze Creator Software

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website hosting, maze creator site hosting

Maze & Puzzle web hosting special

Maze Creator would like to encourage other Maze and Puzzle related sites for public and educational purposes.  We have created a very stable business hosting service including daily backups and Fantastico to simplify your site setup and 3rd part installations.  There are many other powerful features built into this hosting service. 

Our service is so stable, you are likely to only need our help to get started.  Bring your qualifying site and save up to 85% off of our regular rates.  Contact with details of your site and we will let you know if you qualify for these rates.  This is a limited time offer as well have limited packages available at these rates. 

Maze Creator Hosting save up-to 85%

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