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How do you create puzzles with Maze Creator?

Maze Creator is designed to take the puzzle out of making puzzles.  You can use any and all of the following venues of assistance with your new product.

On-Line Puzzle GALLERY: One of the most powerful features built right into Maze Creator.  You can us any of the on-line galleries to get started quickly.  Load any of the pre-made puzzles.  Customize or simply print the maze you loaded.  As you become more advanced in creating your own activities, setup your template with the style you would like, use the Mask gallery to rapidly reduce the template to the shape of the mask.  It is that fast and easy.  You can even add more Tiler's with the Tiler gallery.  Use this to quickly add different themed maze components.  

Maze Creator User Manual:  This 28 page PDF document will walk you through some of the built in tools for working on the template.  There are other sections which talk about features such as Masks, Galleries, Graphics Layers as well as Text Layers of the maze.  The final section discusses the options of getting your work out of Maze Creator such as exporting images, and printing to a Windows printer.  This manual is written for the PRO version, not all features will be available in the other versions.

Tutorials: Get started quickly with the on-line tutorials.  There are step-by-step presentations of Maze Creator in action.  A full motion walkthrough will give you a great head-start.   FORUM: There is an on-line Maze Creator Forum where you can join the Maze Creator community.  There you can exchange tips and hints with your fellow software users as well as converse directly with the author Greg Peatfield.  In the forum, you can ask how-to questions for your special activity or puzzle desire.
Free Extras: Sometimes the best way to learn is to see what the program is capable of producing.  In the free extras section, you will find many printable puzzles.  You can download some finished works such as a 12 maze Easter puzzle PDF with solutions.  Look around and check back frequently for new downloads.   Share designs with your friends, send your designs to Maze Creator to be added to the Gallery.  You will get a by-line and link to your site.

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