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November 2005

Thanks to the Gordon Institute

Your feedback has been invaluable.  Your feedback has radically changed the Maze Creator website.  Stop by and take a look:  We have notified the 5 lucky winner of the drawing.  You will be seeing many changes over the next few months.  Keep an eye out for the next releases of Maze Creator.

What's new?

The Maze Creator website has a new look, take a look!

Also, we are experimenting with a new tool to develop effective product training.  Please take a look in the Maze Creator SUPPORT / TUTORIALS for the new "FLASH" animated tutorial.  This is 1.2Meg in size so give it a little time to load.  Please let us know what you think about this format.  Send feedback to

Current Releases

The following are the current versions of Maze Creator.  Be sure to check if you have the latest version.  The biggest recent change is the addition of a Tiler and Transparent GIF files.  Maze Creator now supports GIF, TIF, and BMP image file formats.

Maze Creator PRO Ver 1.20
Maze Creator STD Ver 3.10
Maze Creator HOME Ver 1.60
Free Maze Creator Ver 1.60

Software Pickup

The software pickup system has changed, you can go to the following page to pickup any of your purchased software:

You can also get a list of your registered software by entering your email address!  No more worries about your lost pickup codes.

Well, that will wrap up this newsletter.  Keep an eye out for the Survey URL email message to enter the Drawing!

Best regards,
Greg Peatfield
Maze Creator Author
fax: (707)- 982-2470

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