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August 2004


Hi all,

 Lots of progress and changes a foot.

 Mailing list:

The mailing list was getting un-manageable.  We have switched over to phpList to help us get a handle on that portion.  This should help us send out newsletters more regularly.  Please note, we imported everyone from the prior list.  You have been set as receiving HTML.  Please see the link at the bottom if you would prefer TEXT newsletters. 

Maze Creator Support & Website:

We have obtained more hosting services, the Maze Creator site is becoming demanding.  We have added many features which some of you have noticed.  That involves LIVEHELP as a form of support.  This allows us to instantly help you with your support needs.  We also have added a Forum to help, many of you have already taken advantage of that service.


The BETA testing is winding down.  No major concerns have been identified, a few silly ones which have been fixed.  We expect to release that version in September.


As many of you know, Maze Creator sponsors "http://www.FreeMazes.COM".  This is a great service to the web.  We have totally redone the site and taken it one step further.  Users can now add their favorite sites.  So please visit that site, recommend changes, and certainly add your favorite Maze/Puzzle sites so others may benefit.

Current Offers:

Maze Creator has launched several other sites.  Maze Creator Hosting,, and Shop Maze Creator,  We have found great electronics deals and reliable and fast hosting services.  We are offering free copies of Maze Creator HOME/STD/PRO for taking advantage of these savings.  One of the deals is 50% off website hosting, great price to lock in at for a limited time only.  You can even get Maze Creator products free simply by referring someone else that may need a new/better hosting service.  More details can be found here:

Well, that will wrap up this newsletter.  Hopefully all goes well with the new Newsletter mailing system.  Please let us know at if you have any problems.


Best regards.
Greg Peatfield
President Maze Creator

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