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Professional Computer Aided maze layout package
"Let us help you get lost."

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Professional Computer Aided maze layout package
Let us help you get lost.

September 2008


1. Free PDF Writing SW
2. Mouse Gestures
3. Customer Created Tutorial
4. License Certificate
5. Maze Creator Expands



Current versions of Maze Creator:

FREE:   V 1.90
HOME:  V 1.95
STD:    V 3.62
PRO:    V 1.60

Maze Creator


mazes, maze puzzles, and desktop publishing software

Free PDF Writing Software

We know of a few different PDF Writers to create our example files.  Adobe PDF Writer is the standard and does this task very well.  Unfortunately, this product lists for hundreds of dollars.  This is pretty expensive for the casual user.

We would like to tell you about a great FREE PDF Writer.  This acts like a printer driver, and captures your printout into a PDF format.  This tool is call CutePDF and works pretty well with Maze Creator.  Simply install this printer driver and print to the new "CutePDF Writer" printer!  Be sure to change the printer options as it defaults to a 600DPI output.  If you don't change this your PDF documents will be very large. 

Try different DPI setting until you find something that you can use.  Certainly, Adobe PDF Writer will generate a more compact and higher quality output, but not everyone needs that level of performance.  Give this printer driver a shot and create your own PDF Mazes for Family and Friends!

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Mouse Gestures
Maze Creator Mouse Gesture animation example, shows how to execute a gestureMaze Creator PRO 1.6, STD 3.6, and HOME 1.95 support Mouse Gestures.  This is a major productivity improvement.  With a few strokes of the mouse, you can command Maze Creator.  Of course we have expanded the Accelerator Keys as well.  Hold down the [CTRL] key and Left Mouse Button to form a stroke.  You can also TAP the SPACE key to have the next left mouse button down read as a gesture.  You can view the full set of mouse gestures and strokes and the updated accelerator key commands.


Maze Creator Home Page

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Customer Created Tutorial
The following was created by Al Cain, a Maze Creator PRO customer.

TUTORIAL on creating super custom mazes with Maze Creator.

Besides creating great single mazes, you can also create complex multiple mazes that actually link to one another to create a “multi room” type of maze project. Begin in one maze; follow it to another maze, then to another until you find the end. This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for the maze creator within you.

All you need is a copy of “Maze Creator” and any desktop publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Indesign, Print Shop, Page Plus or similar. The first thing to do (as is the case in any worthwhile project), is to draw a rough idea on a sheet of paper to use as a guide. In this tutorial, we will have four mazes linked together to form one complex maze. On the sheet of paper, write a heading or title at the top. Now draw four boxes (or rectangles) on the paper keeping them about an inch apart. Next decide where one box will lead into another. Let’s start at the top left box. Draw a line coming out of that box and into the box next to it. Now draw a line coming out of the upper right box and into the lower right box. Likewise, draw a line coming out of the lower right box and into the lower left box. Lastly, draw a short line representing where the maze will exit the last box. Number these boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Now fire up “Maze Creator” and create four mazes named M1, M2, M3 and M4. But in creating these mazes, use your drawing to decide where the start and exit points will be. Save these mazes as a .Gif file.

Now open your desktop publishing program and create a new one page document. Add a header or title at the top as necessary. Now import, paste or place the mazes you saved as .Gif files into the document in the correct order so that the exit point of one maze is fairly close to the entry point of the adjacent maze. You can experiment with the proportions of the mazes by resizing them individually to create interest. Now, select the ‘line drawing” tool and add lines leading from the exit points to the starting point of the adjacent mazes. When done, you should be able to begin at maze one and follow all the way to the exit of maze four.

But wait! It gets even better. When you exported your mazes from “Maze Creator”, it also exported a solution image as well (if you checked this option, which you should always). Print out the solutions for reference and now, again using your publishing software, locate areas of each maze that are away from the solution path. In these areas, you may place exciting graphics, text, or any object you desire. This will make your super maze come to life and look truly professional. After adding a graphic (First add a blank graphic box or blank text box to hide the unused maze path underneath), you may need to again use the “line drawing” tool to close up any parts of the maze that needs attention. Just be sure you keep plenty of space away from the actual solution pathway.

As always, after adding these items, be sure to do a final check on your maze to verify that your additions do not interfere with the proper solution path.

Another way to create exciting single mazes is to open your exported .gif maze along with the solution .gif in two separate layers in a paint program. Using the solution layer to keep you in unused areas, edit and add graphics to the base layer to create high end and truly professional maze work.

Above all, have fun and let your creative juices flow!

~Al Cain, Maze Creator Enthusiast

Maze Creator Home Page

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Maze Creator PRO License Certificate example

License Certificate

You can now get a License Certificate for your Maze Creator PRO software.  To get your license certificate, go to the Maze Creator PRO download page and enter your email address and pickup code.  On the next page you can click on the certificate image to download your certificate in PDF format.

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Maze Creator Broadband

Maze Creator DSL

Maze Creator Cable

Maze Creator Expands

Maze Creator now provides some intelligent on-line Cellular and Broadband search tools.  Thousands of people a day are uses these services to save money on cellphones, business broadband, and residential cable/HDTV/Satellite.

Check out the services to the left.  Review the Maze Creator Offers to see how you can even get a free copy of your favorite Maze Creator product.

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