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November 2003

Hi Maze Creator Newsletter Subscriber,

Recently Maze Creator PRO 1.0 was RELEASED! Work has already started on Maze Creator STD Version 3.0! It will include some of the features from the PRO version, check the website for details.

After the PRO version BETA test, more features will be added to the STD. At that point, Maze Creator STD will be changed to version 3.0. The retail price of the STD version will go to $39.95. Registered uses of version 2.x will be offered a free upgrade for 90 days after the 3.0 release. After which time, upgrades will be $9.99.
So, if you are on the fence about buying Maze Creator STD, save $10 and register now to get the free upgrade.
You can register Maze Creator STD here:

Maze Creator PRO V1.0:
For the Professional publisher such as News Papers & independent booklet authors. The licensing on this application allows unlimited use of the output from Maze Creator. One could create a maze and place it within their newspaper or create a collection of works to sell as their own.

Here is a list of some of the features unique to Maze Creator PRO:
- Add text directly to the maze, no need to post-process
- Add background, and foreground graphics directly to the maze
- A very powerful feature that allows you to control the maze growth, this will
     help you create very complex or patterned mazes
- Solution and Maze can be printed in one step

Act now, and your support will be extended until the end of next year. To take advantage of this offer, follow this link:

I would like to thank the Beta test team for Maze Creator PRO, without their help, support would be a nightmare.  We caught 10 major issues with the BETA testing.  Way to go!

You can see the release notes here:

Best regards and have a safe holiday season.
Greg Peatfield
Maze Creator Author
fax: (707)- 982-2470

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