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2024-06-12 17:44:00 EST .

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Hi Maze Creator Newsletter Subscriber,


We have a treat for you in this issue of the Maze Creator newsletter.  Author Lee Daniel Quinn, writer of over nine maze books sent us some of his thoughts and experiences from over his years.  He has allowed us to put his biography and Maze Lecture "The Maze Ancient & Modern" on the Maze Creator site for you all to enjoy.  To view his thoughts and lecture:

For your convenience, we have placed affiliate links to B&N for his books that are still in print.  His books are very unique with clever designs.  After reading his lecture, you will see these concepts within his books.  Also, if you wish to support Maze Creator, please use this affiliate links to make your purchase.  You can get a 50% OFF coupon for Maze Creator HOME or STD by emailing proof of purchase to  You can also fax (707- 982-2470) you proof of purchase to MAZE CREATOR, 50% Lee Daniel Quinn Offer   Valid proofs of purchase would be; A receipt with your Credit Card or purchase information blacked or removed, a copy of the title page (first printed page within the book) with your signature and date purchased written on the copy.  Please email if you have question of other proofs of purchase.


One of Lee's requests was for a Maze Creator Walkthrough.  There is a 1st draft that can be viewed here.  Please let us know what you think and if you have other ideas of tutorials you would like to see.


After the PRO version BETA test, more features will be added to the STD.  At that point, Maze Creator STD will be changed to version 3.0.  The retail price of the STD version will go to $39.95.  Registered uses of version 2.x will be offered a free upgrade for 90 days after the 3.0 release.  After which time, upgrades will be $9.99.

So, if you are on the fence about buying Maze Creator STD, save $10 and register now to get the free upgrade.


You may have noticed that FREE Maze Creator no longer has a information window that is required.  This has been removed because of all of your support for Maze Creator.  FREE Maze Creator version 1.04 is Ad free!

Maze Creator PRO has kept us busy.  There are several new features that don’t exist within the STD version yet.  The new features include:

  • Images:  Graphic images can now be include as part of the maze output

  • Layers: Maze Creator Pro will contain layers to aid in the layout of your mazes.  There will be two graphic layers that will allow you to import graphics.  One layer will be “behind” the maze and one layer will be “in front” of the maze.  This will allow you greatest flexibility in your designs.  The layer behind the maze will be good for background images such as watermarks & setting (picture of a park or forest, etc).  The in front of the maze will be good for characters within the puzzle.  These might include a child and his/her dog, a cat and a bowl of food, or any other combination of images to complete you maze concept.  There will also be a third “text” layer.  This will allow you to add instructions or comments directly to your generated maze.

  • Generation algorithm control: Probably the most difficult to describe, but powerful feature for the professional.  The algorithm control lets you set rules to influence the generated maze.  For example, you can tell the generation algorithm to only draw paths from left to right, right to left, upwards, downwards, etc.  One spin that gives greater control of overall maze feel is the ability to control “relative” direction.  You give encourage the generation algorithm to draw mostly straight paths, or only twisted paths or somewhere in between twisted with long straight runs.  It is your choice, you can adjust the algorithm to get the best look and feel for your particular idea.

  • Print with solution: Maze Creator Pro will print the maze and solution in one request.  This simplifies your printing effort into a single step.

  • Draw your own solution: Newest concept which needs testers to perfect.  This will allow the designer to draw the solution for the maze and have the generation algorithm create the non-solution parts.  A VERY POWERFUL feature which will let your solution spell something or be in the shape of something you had in mind.  This would allow you to start will a plane grid and spell out a child’s name as the solution.  Certainly there are fancier applications to this feature.


I have over 400 people who would like to BETA test Maze Creator Pro.  Given the commercial nature of the PRO version and my need for only about 10 people with diverse backgrounds and use applications I have decided to do the following.

I do not wish to cripple the Maze Creator Pro software in any way for BETA testing purposes.  I need to get future users of the application to test and give feedback based upon your experience and needs.  I do wish to reward the people doing the BETA testing but also need them to give through and timely feedback on the application.  With this in mind, I will be accepting requests for commercial users to be BETA test sites.  As a BETA test site, you will be receiving access to pre-release version of Maze Creator Pro.  You will have commercial distribution rights of the maze creator output.  No Maze Creator credit is require.  This would still be very much appreciated, but not required.  You will be expected to install the BETA releases in a timely manor and give general feedback on the installation and experience with the product and features.  You may also receive a specific questionnaire which you will need to be completed and returned.  As an active BETA site, you will receive all BETA and RELEASED versions of Maze Creator PRO.  You will be considered a Licensed user with a current support contract for free updates and support.  You will not need to buy annual support unless you decide to terminate your BETA testing status.  This agreement will be reviewed annually.  You will receive a warning from Maze Creator during the BETA tests if we feel you are not fully participating with the BETA testing.  Your participation in the BETA tests is all that is required for your automatic renewal.  There will be a one time licensing fee of $99 US to enter this program which will be payable before the first BETA test.  If you are a registered own of the STD version, your licensing fee will only be $79 US.  You will also be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement for feature in BETA testing.

To apply for as a BETA site please email the following information to  Please use the subject: MC PRO BETA APPLICATION.

  1. Name
    Phone number

  2. Computer hardware setup: (Must be a Windows system to qualify, MAC not supported)

  3. Description of your experience with computers & computer applications

  4. Description of your end application and purpose for the mazes.  Books, newsletters, religious, teaching, etc

  5. References of works published (if applicable)

  6. Any comments or other relevant information about yourself that should be considered as part of your application

You will hear back within one weeks time if you are accepted into the program.  If you are not accepted, it is likely that to many people with your background or experience have already been accepted. 

The first wave of testing will be around the late February or early March.  Thank you to all of you through the years with your support and encouragement to make Maze Creator PRO a commercial application.  The features now meet that of a commercial product!

Until next time,
Maze Creator


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