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"Let us help you get lost."

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Professional Computer Aided maze layout package
Let us help you get lost.

December 2007


1. Merry Christmas
2. Santa Maze
3. New Train Track Tiler
4. Under Development



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Merry Christmas

Maze Creator would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.  We have put together a free puzzle download of Santa Claus head for your enjoyment.  Click on the thumb nail below to go to the free printable mazes download page.

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Santa Maze

Click on the Santa Claus Image below to go to the Maze Creator Free Printable Mazes page.

Santa Claus Head Maze, Merry Christmas from Maze Creator in December 2007's newsletter

Maze Creator Home Page

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New string tiler for Maze Creator

New Train Track Tilers

We have released new Tilers!  We are working on a learning for our customers using this tiler so that you can build your own tiler.  This one was designed by Carly Andrews, she did a great job.

Use the "Show Tiler Gallery" option from the "File" menu to access this new Tiler.  This will let you download this new tiler for your use.

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development of maze and mazes

Under Development....

Maze Creator development is always looking for your ideas.  We have some we are working on in the background, but would love to hear your ideas.  Please let us know what you would like to see added in the future.

Also, Maze Creator could use your help in future projects to improve the Maze Creator line.  We are looking for technical writers, educators, graphic artists, various designers.  If you are interested in trading your services for a life-time of gratitude, immortality, and credit on the world leader in Maze Creation, please contact us at with your skills and we will let you know what we might have available.  Some tasks we can pay a small fee in exchange for services as well as to give by-line credit.

Technical Support

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