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2024-06-12 16:41:24 EST .

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Latest Version
Maze Creator HOME
Version 1.96

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New in 1.96:

  • ADDED: Multi-Level UNDO Buffer for Template/Graphics/Text layer updates
  • ADDED: UNDO Keyboard shortcut (CTRL-Z) and Mouse Gesture "Down-Right"
  • IMPROVED: Drawing/Painting with left button down and moving the cursor
  • ADDED: Mouse wheel scrolling in maze layout
  • FIXED: Large page sizes are now supported
  • FIXED: High Resolution Printer Drivers should be supported in their own format

New in 1.95:

  • ADDED: Wrap maze Horizontally and Vertically
  • ADDED: Mouse Gestures, command Maze Creator by mouse movements
  • ADDED: Paste graphics into Foreground & Background from Clipboard (DIB, BITMAP, ENHMETAFILE)
  • ADDED: Paste text into Text layer
  • ADDED: Opacity setting for TILER, now supports version TLE 1.50
  • IMPROVED: Default of START/STOP tools is visible for TILERs and hidden for other styles
  • IMPROVED: Auto fill of START/STOP is visible for TILERs and hidden for other styles
  • IMPROVED: Paste feature, requests clipboard contents in Graphic Layer, auto fills text boxes with text on the clipboard
  • IMPROVED: Text Layer artifacts while deleting text block from layer
  • IMPROVED: Maze generation algorithm, closer adherence to generation rules should make more complex mazes
  • IMPROVED: User Interface to help make selections more obvious

New in 1.90:

  • ADDED: TILER Gallery added, download and install new TILERs as they are released
  • ADDED: Save MZE Files version 2 file format, includes all text & images
  • FIXED: Some printer drivers failed to accept a High Resolution Maze, Maze Creator will now slowly reduce the resolution of the image until the printer driver accepts the graphics.  This will slow down printing for some, but increase driver compatibility.  A few specific drivers, such as Adobe Acrobat, need this for proper support.
  • FIXED: Random number generator sometimes seeded the same maze on fast computers
  • ADDED: Multiple mazes with Solutions during print
  • ADDED: ReRender Maze Option to generate a new maze with solution from the same template
  • FIXED: Preview when selected a Tiler option
  • FIXED: Reading *.tle files, properly handles last entry if last line is not a blank line

New in 1.80:

  • ADDED: You may now use your own "TILER's", you are not limited to the 5 built in Tilers
  • FIXED: With printing high density mazes, the bottom of the maze may have been cut-off
  • FIXED: Better printer compatibility
  • FIXED: Maze Creator will detect and warn if it cannot contact the license server
  • ADDED: Debug option to collect information while printing for customer support

New in 1.70:

  • Fixed "File -> New" issue, now a new maze will clear current template space
  • Direct links to help pages from HELP menu
  • Fixed bad default value that caused page size issues
  • Major bug fixes with Load/New file handling, this may have lead to certain Windows Compatibility issues
  • START/STOP Left button = Hidden, Right button = Color Shown
  • Automatic START/STOP (if you don't set one), default to hidden style
  • Fixed Tiler, BLACKEN/ERASE didn't map properly
  • Added START/STOP to Tiler features
  • "Drive C could not be found, you may not register this software" error eliminated (Very rare, in cases you don't have a "C" drive)
  • Real-time update of screen when Tiler is selected
  • Optimized printed doesn't work for all users, disabled
  • Printing, printing; Many improvements, upper left corner is moved into printable range for your printer
  • Updates Screen will now shrink if you start a maze project

New in 1.60:

  • Tiler maze template type
  • Import TIF, GIF, and BMP Images
  • Transparent GIF file supported
  • Minor speed improvements
  • Minor Bug fixes

New in 1.50:

  • LOTS!  Now same code as Maze Creator PRO with license & GROWTH control difference
  • Add images to maze
  • Background Layer
  • Foreground Layer
  • Text Layer
    • Select Font
    • Select Font Style
    • Select Point Size
    • Select Effect
    • Select Color
  • Major speed improvements
  • Print with solution
  • Bug fixes, works much better with Windows XP

New in 1.02:

  • Various small bugs

New in 1.01:

  • Fat line widths don't corrupt the printout, lines are now solid
  • Installation problem fixed

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