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Maze Creator PRO Ver 1.60
« on: April 10, 2008, 07:21:18 pm »
Maze Creator PRO has been released.  There is major productivity tools added to this release.  Mouse gestures have been added to keep you creative rather than hunting through menus.  You can now paste text and images directly into Maze Creator.  Microsoft Word documents can be pasted directly in formatted as an image.  Here are a few of the things that will be included in this release:

IMPROVED: Default of START/STOP tools is visible for TILERs and hidden for other styles
IMPROVED: Auto fill of START/STOP is visible for TILERs and hidden for other styles
IMPROVED: Paste feature, requests clipboard contents in Graphic Layer, auto fills text boxes with text on the clipboard
ADDED: Wrap maze Horizontally and Vertically
ADDED: Mouse Gestures, command Maze Creator by mouse movements
ADDED: Paste graphics into Foreground & Background from Clipboard (DIB, BITMAP, ENHMETAFILE)
ADDED: Paste text into Text layer
IMPROVED: Maze generation algorithm, closer adherence to generation rules should make more complex mazes
IMPROVED: User Interface to help make selections more obvious
ADDED: COLOR selection to over-ride the default Maze Creator Color scheme
- Maze Pen Color
- Solution
- Blacken
- Erased (Only during Design of Template)
- Start/Stop colors both visible and hidden for design purposes
ADDED: Opacity setting for TILER, now supports version TLE 1.50
IMPROVED: reduced Text Layer artifacts while deleting text block from layer
FIXED: Re-render function works again
FIXED: Corrected "CANCEL" behavior in PRO version's Image Settings dialog box

You will need to have an active support contract to download the released version.