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Maze Creator PRO V1.80A1 Evaluation
« on: May 25, 2010, 03:29:05 am »
Version 1.80 Alpha 1 is available to those PRO Customers that are authorized to evaluate Alpha/Beta releases.  You can download these in the normal download location for the Maze Creator PRO product.  This is just the EXE file, backup your current one and copy this one over the existing file.  Here is a short list of what has changed:

ADDED: Export mazes in TXT format
ADDED: Export mazes in PNG format
ADDED: Export mazes in PCX format
ADDED: Export mazes into multipage TIF format (all images in the same file)
UPDATE: User Interface to group EXPORT features
UPDATE: Export menu item added to File Menu
FIXED: Built In Tilers show missing tile during use of Start/Stop
FIXED: Tiler Gallery Quirks corrected, window shows up when selected and tilers can be downloaded

Please keep in mind this version has had some significant changes not yet visable to you.  There is a pretty good chance you may bump into a bug.  Please report them as you find  them in this release.

-Greg Peatfield
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